We believe that smallGROUPS are at the heart of connection. To be fully devoted follower of Christ you must be connected to others. The scripture is clear – God uses people in our lives to encourage, help, and challenge us on our journey with Him. You’ll be challenged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, as you encourage others to do the same.

September 10th is our smallGroup launch!!

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1. Prayer Force                      Time: 5:30pm    Location: Cornerstone Room 3B   
                  We pray for our church, community and country.


2. T+F=C                                  Time: 7:00pm     Location:  Antioch Home

                     All Church Campaign

3. Woman’s Morning Praise   Time: 10:00am   Location:  Oakley Home


4. T+F=C                                   Time: 5:00am   Location:  Cornerstone

                     ​Men praying with Pastor Larry

5. T+ F=C    REAL Women       Time: 9:00am   Location: Cornerstone in Surf City

                     All Church Campaign for women.  Childcare available

6 . College Group                     Time: 6:30pm   Location: Oakley Home

Seniors through College


7. T+F=C                                    Time: 7:00pm   Location:  Brentwood Home

                      All Church Campaign


8. T+F=C      Married Group     Time: 7:00pm   Location:  Cornerstone 3A

                     All Church Campaign for married couples. Childcare available

9. T+F=C      Real Women         Time: 7:00pm   Location:  Cornerstone 3B

                     All Church Campaign for women. Childcare available

10. Financial Peace University  Time: 6:30pm   Location:  Cornerstone Conference Room

                    Dave Ramsey’s plan to help you experience freedom in your finances. Childcare available.

11. Cleansing Stream                 Time: 6:30pm   Location: Cornerstone Room 1A

                     10 week discipleship class that brings God’s reality into every area of life. Childcare available 

                           (Closes after August 23)

12. Businessmen’s Lunch         Time: 11:30am  Location: Local Restaurant

                     Lunch and devotion with Pastor Larry specifically designed for the business man


13. T+F=C    What’s Next over 50 group  Time: 7:00pm   Location: Antioch Home

                       ​For people over 50 who believe God isn’t finished with us yet!