We believe that God inhabits the praise of His people. Our desire is that as we come together in a corporate setting, that we will focus our love on God. We desire to feel His love and presence, but more so during worship, we want God to feel our love and appreciation for Him. Our goal is to glorify Him, to worship Him, and to lift Him up.
We are always trying to find creative ways to assist Pastor Larry, by selecting songs that are geared towards the series he is preaching. We make it a goal to be relevant through our worship so that we create a comfortable environment for anyone who walks through our doors.
When it comes to our style of music, we are contemporary with a rock foundation.

Worship is so much more than just music…

Our church focuses on making sure we have clear communication through our messages. One way that we do that is by incorporating Drama, Theatrics, Plays, and Musicals on a consistent basis. We use these tools, and acts of worship, by using our God given talents to effectively communicate to our Church. We want everyone walking away with hands-on tools from the Bible that they can apply to their life today.

We hope to see you this Sunday.