Here at Cornerstone we believe a great commitment to the great commission builds a great church. We financially support over 30 missionaries and mission organizations both home and abroad. We have sent teams around the world to countries such as: Spain, Ukraine, Peru, Brazil, Fiji, Mexico, El Salvador, New York, Alaska, and New Orleans. Our local outreach events include: Food Pantry, Backpack Giveaway, Day of Hope, Royal Family Kids Camp, And Downtown Sports Camp. Below are some of the missionaries that we support.


brice and jaylyn maddock

Brice & Jaylyn Maddock

Serving in India.



dan and noreen mcgaffee

Dan & Noreen McGaffee

Daniel & Noreen McGaffee, along with. . .Read More

their children  Joel, Mark, Hannah and Kristen, began serving the Lord in Africa January 1, 1995. In July 1997, their 5th child, Lydia, was born in Kenya. The first term of ministry included Namibia and Kenya. The second term was in Kenya, while the third was back in Namibia. They have just concluded their fourth term of the Lord’s work in Malawi. Bible College training, evangelism and intercession have been the focal points of ministry in each nation.
Ministry in Malawi Bible College Training: Teaching included Bible, Theology and courses on how to interpret the Scriptures in order to help the student be better equipped in proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus!


david and michelle lewandowski

David & Michelle Lewandowski

We have felt God’s broken heart for the people of Poland where only 1/10 of 1% of the 40,000,000 people are born again. That’s only one out of every 1000 people. There are over 500 cities that do not have a protestant church of any kind…Read More

Poland is a land with full pews but empty hearts. Mary is the focal point of the church, as Poland has been dedicated to here many times. Even now there is talk of making her the fourth person of the God-Head. Religion without relationship brings rote prayers and empty rituals. God wants the Poles to know how to be born again and have a personal relationship with Him. Please, help us make Jesus known among the Polish People. It is our desire to serve the local Polish Assembly churches in the areas needed most, including our passion for evangelism, crusades, discpleship, church planting, and missionary training. We are planning on going to Poland in the Spring of 2004 and need your help. You can particapate with us through becoming a Poland Prayer Partner. Just as in a physical war the air troups (prayer partners) go in first and then the ground troups (missionaries) go in. Even as the ground troups go in they have continued air support. We need your air support. We know that nothing happens without prayer. Email us your email address and we will keep you updated on our prayer needs. Also, you can help us get to Poland by making a monthly finacially pledge and or a one time gift. Click on the interested in giving to this ministry link. If you want to make a monthly pledge please let us know. God has shown us that only together can we reach the Poles with the Risen Christ. Thank you for partnering with us. In His service, David, Michelle, David Jr., and Peter Lewandowski.
david and linda arzouni

David & Linda Arzouni

We would like to invite you to visit our primary website at, where you will learn about our lives and ministry and hopefully come away with a good understanding of what we are all about. Read More

Above all, we hope that you will be encouraged in your relationship with God and in your understanding of His passion: the unreached of our world. If we can help you in any way or answer any questions you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to hear from you!


Donnie Moore

Radical Reality

Radical Reality take the power of the Gospel into the public high schools with a message of hope and encouragement.  Donnie has also served as the Chaplain for the Oakland A’s for the past 20 years.



dr faiz rah,man

Dr. Faiz Rahman

Good News India

Our Mission Statement
Linking God’s resources with hurting people.

Our Motto
A Place to Belong, A Place to Become.. Read More

Our Vision
To transform communities in Eastern India, (particularly Orissa, Western Bengal, Jharkand and Chattisgarh) through Children’s Homes (called Dream Centers), Leper Homes (Cities of Refuge), Youth Conventions and Strategic Leadership conferences. Our desire is to create a great organization through a great commitment to the Great Commandments and the Great Commission.

Our Mission
To transform communities in East India, (particularly Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkand and Chattisgarh) through an organization that is greatly committed to the great commandments and the great commission of Jesus Christ. We will do this by:

  • Opening Residential Homes (Dream Centers) for orphaned and/or destitute children BEFORE they are sold into bonded slavery
  • Establishing Intervention Homes (Dream Centers) in Eastern India to rescue children BEFORE they are sold into sexual slavery
  • Providing a haven for Lepers (Cities of Refuge) and their children with food, shelter, clothing, medicines and education
  • Connecting with primitive, savage and backward tribal people to bring social, spiritual and economic transformation into their lives
  • Conducting Youth Conventions and Strategic Leadership Conferences

Our Purpose & Objectives:

  1. To advance the Kingdom of God via evangelism, church planting, Christian education, distribution of Bibles and Christian literature, child welfare, throughout Eastern India.
  2. To promote charitable works such as distributing food and clothes to needy and impoverished people, educating the illiterate, sponsoring orphaned and destitute children.
  3. To plan, promote and conduct Christian Conferences for the growth and development of believers.
  4. To plan and implement relief and help to as many Leper Colonies as we can including education and prevention of the disease for the children in these Leper Colonies.

Our Long Term Goals:

  • To establish 100 GNI Dream Centers in strategic areas of Northeast India
  • To establish 10 vocational and technical Schools to provide career training to our students
  • To conduct at least 2 Youth/Leadership/Men’s conferences each year
  • To conduct 10 Medical/Clinic Outreaches each year in strategic areas near GNI homes
  • To establish Regional Leper Colonies in our targeted areas

Eddie and Diane Echeverria

Eddie & Diane Echeverria

The Echeverria’s serve in Argentina



henry and ivonne smith

Henry & Ivonne Smith

Henry and Ivonne Smith have served in Ecuador the past 8 years. Read More

 Their focus is on church planting in the slums.  They have three children: Isabela, Samuel and Eva Grace.


jeff & tanya devoll

Jeff & Tanya Devoll

Jeff and Tanya Devoll serve as directors of StudentReach which works to serve schools and combat sex . . .  Read More

trafficking in the US through prevention and rescue work with at-risk teens.Website:


Joh and Gayle Butrin

John & Gayle Butrin

John and Gayle serve the international church in Germany
With three grown children and more than 40 years of ministry experience, John & Gayle possess a genuine. . . Read More

 love for people of all cultures and walks of life.  Prior to their service in Berlin, they pastored churches in California and Pennsylvania where they were involved in numerous denominational and community leadership rolesIn 2004 John experienced a life-threatening medical crisis which dramatically affected their approach to ministry. “Eternal significance” has become a keynote phrase in their vocabulary as they use their home to welcome people who need to experience God’s love.


mark brown

Mark & Sarah Brown

The heart of their their ministry is evangelistic, bringing the hope and life of Jesus Christ to the lost in the Philippines. . .Read More

Mark and Sarah have a church for kids, with around 400 children attending any one of their 4 services in two different locations! During the week with their team they make a personal visit to more than 2,500 children on the street and at their homes.
They invite local pastors and their leaders to come for training with hands-on experience. They are sent home equipped, and empowered with a new enthusiasm to reach the lost in their own community.


mike and dodey files

Mike & Dotty Files

Michael and Dodey Files Missionaries to Latin America Regional Coordinator – Latin America ChildCare . . . Read More

 (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay) “…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Mat. 25:40


milan and janice novick

Milan & Janice Novick

Middle East/North Africa





neal and danette childs

Neal & Danette Childs

Neal and Danette Childs have served in Niger since 1998. They have been responsible for the training of indigenous Pastors. They have planted over 25 Churches in Niger. . . . Read More

Niger is listed in the bottom 1% of nations in education and economics. This has opened the door for Neal and Danette to start a Christian primary school on land purchased from the government. Muslim families are lining up to get their children enrolled in their school.

sasha mokienko

Sasha Mokienko

Sasha is the Pastor of the dynamic church ‘Bread of Life’. He planted ‘Bread of Life’ in 2001 in response to God’s call to the villages of Ukraine. He has impacted not only the villages around Petrikyvka but the entire Dnipropetovsk Region. Under his leadership the flock has grown in numbers and maturity. God is doing marvelous things in Ukraine with many young leaders. . . . Read More

Sasha Mokienko is a leader of leaders and we are privileged to partner with ‘Bread of Life’.
Cornerstone has taken two trips to minister with Bread of Life. Slava Esusa!



stephen and cindy aldrich

Stephen & Cindy Aldrich

Stephen is director of the National Church’s Ministry temporary Training Center. It is the #1 priority. . . . Read More

of the National Church and is crucially strategic for the evangelization of this country. They oversee the project of building a new campus.


steve bevelhymer

Steve Bevelhymer

Steve serves as a pilot trainor with Wycliff.
As a youth he was part of Pastor Larry’s Youth Group.



Steve & Cathy Horner

Steve and Cathy entered Mexico in 1987 with a vision to minister to the homeless children. Today they minister to over 500 children in the orphanage, family daycare cener, schools and youth center. . . Read More

There are an estimated 3 million people living in Tijuana area. They have come to find work in the factories that pay an average of $8 per day. They are searching for a better life. Many families face pressures so great that fathers give up and abandon their families.

todd and amy churchill

Todd & Amy Churchill

The Churchill family is now 5 strong with the birth in 2007 of their third son. They are currently serving in Kinshasa, the capital city of more than 9 million people, . . . Read More

 where they are assisting the national church of DR Congo in leadership traing and development.



VICTOR and ir

Victor & Irina Gaiduchik

Victor and Irena tirelessly plant Slavic churches in the north-west U.S. They also plant churches in the Ukraine during annual trips to that area.
Born to a Christian family in the Communist Ukraine, Victor Gaiduchik grew up in the underground. . .Read More

church of the Soviet Union. Repeatedly, the state police disrupted church services and took leaders and the pastor to “jail.”
As a boy, classmates and teachers ridiculed Victor and his family for their faith in God. Victor was forced to join the army, where he suffered humiliation, threats, and even beatings for his outspoken faith.
Victor and Irina Gaiduchik were called to serve as a young couple. Having been in the harvest field for more than 20 years, their ministry has taken them to many countries of the former Soviet Union, especially to the Ukraine. As nationally appointed missionaries, they also serve the millions of Slavic people now living in the United States.