Get started on the pathway of discovering and fulfilling the purpose that God put you on this earth.

Life Track is our new 4 step course designed to walk you through;

1) Know – how to really know God

2) Grow – how to grow in that relationship.

3) Discover – discover your God given gifts and abilities. and

4) Go – moving you from attender to participant.

Each of these steps will be offered during the month of July.

Step 1, Know, will be offered January 21st

Step 2, Grow, will be on January 28th

Step 3, Discover, is February 4th

Step 4, Go, will be the last Sunday of February 4th

These classes will be at 11:10 in room 3B. So you can attend first service, grab some coffee and a donut and then head over to the class.